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I adapted this recipe from Healthy Food, Healthy You, which is one of my go-to cookbooks, and jam-packed with unusual and intriguing combinations. Almost every recipe is accompanied by a photo, which is mandatory for my favorite cookbooks, which I end up using more as a visual stimulus than anything else. (Amazon, and Alibris have some used copies, get one!)
I tweaked the spiced lamb burger recipe, and loved the results. Into ground lamb I added:
small cubes of roasted butternut squash, mashed (make sure you have a sharp knife—it is a royal pain to cut because the squash is so hard, but totally worth the effort in the end.)
chile powder
minced onion
and lots of cilantro.
Fried the burgers up in a pan, with some olive oil.
Two serving versions: Place on top of mashed sweet potatoes with a green salad. Or, mix with whole wheat pasta and top with fresh fennel tops from baby fennel bulbs.

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